If You Suffer from Chronic Debilitating Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances,  Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia & Digestive Issues
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GOOD NEWS If You Suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Athritis, Anxiety, Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia & Low Energy

Hair Mineral Tests show so much more than blood tests. 
It gives you a map to find the root cause of all chronic conditions and symptoms. 

A hair test, interpreted properly can give you the answers you’ve been looking for to heal yourself physically and emotionally. 

I can help you Get to the ROOT cause of all your symptoms so you can 
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If you’ve been searching for answers to chronic serious conditions...
If you’ve been having trouble sleeping on a regular basis… 
If you’ve been having serious digestive complaints or in chronic pain of any kind…

Chances are you’ve tried everything to feel better.
But nothing seems to work consistently, and you’re getting more and more frustrated with each passing day.

But what if...

What if there was a way to know, beyond all doubt, what the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms are?
And what if, when you found out, you could actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 
This is why I’m so excited to tell you about Hair Mineral Analysis Tests! 
This is so much more revealing than blood tests.  
It actually gives you a map to find the root cause of all chronic conditions and symptoms. 
Your Hair Test (or HTMA) is unique and shows information on:
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • ​Mineral Imbalances
  • ​Chronic Fatigue
  • ​Thyroid Hormones
  • ​Weight issues fat burning capacity
  • ​Nervous System Imbalances
  • ​Protein Synthesis
  • ​Bone Metabolism and Osteoporosis patterns
  • ​Inflammation
  • ​Energy Levels
  • ​Mental Health Issues
  • ​Liver & Kidney Stress
  • ​Carbohydrate Tolerance, Blood Sugar Imbalances and Insulin Resistance

HTMA is Backed by 40 Years of Research

Pioneered by the late Dr. Paul Eck & Dr. David Watts, HTMA is a screening test to determine the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals from a sample of hair. HTMA is extremely accurate and is much more than just a test for minerals.

Here’s What a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Can REVEAL:
Your HTMA = Your Biochemical Metabolic Blueprint
1. Diet/Lifestyle 
Restricted diets, processed food, under-eating and over-training, poor quality sleep and depleted soil all create mineral deficiencies. All of these can dramatically improve once you know how to fix them.

2. Energy and vitality level.
Energy is our #1 Currency and is a common denominator of health. This means that if your energy is low, hundreds of symptoms can occur. Restoring our adaptive energy is a key to healing. A properly interpreted hair mineral analysis shows how to correct low energy

3. Glandular activity.
HTMA shows the overall cellular effect of the thyroid and adrenal hormones. This is very important because most of the time these imbalances are not picked up in the blood. A classic example, people with clear hypothyroid symptoms have normal thyroid blood panel but on a hair test, they are severely hypothyroid. The hair test shows the degree to which one is hypothyroid and all the minerals that need to improve in order to balance hypothyroidism. 

4. Carbohydrate tolerance.
HTMA shows a tendency for hypoglycaemia and how well the person is handling carbohydrates for stable energy production or lack of stable energy.

5. Toxic metals.
No method of testing can detect ALL the toxic metals in the body but hair reveals more than blood. Some patterns on hair test such as “Poor Eliminator Pattern”, indicates the presence of hidden toxic metals even if they don’t show up on a hair test. Very helpful information.

6. Tendencies for over 60 common health conditions.
The test may reveal ‘health conditions’ months or years before they are identified as a fully-fledged ‘disease’ by western medicine such as osteoporosis, Hashimoto’s, diabetes or Lupus. Osteoporosis shows up on a hair test at least 5 years before western medicine test can detect it and when it does, it is too late. 

“Every disease is traced to a mineral deficiency in the body.” Linus Pauling, 1954 Nobel Laureate Chemistry.

7. Stress patterns.
Stress affects the Neuro – Endocrine system = Central Nervous System affecting Endocrine glands. Dr Hans Selye an authority on stress adaptation wrote 39 books on the subject and identified 4 stages of stress adaptation.
Many conditions such as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue or M.E, Cushing’s, Reynaud’s and Lupus manifest in the 3rd stages of stress known as exhaustion stage. Some children are born with mineral imbalances inherited from their mothers and are taken to too many specialists when the root causes of their symptoms are on their hair test.

8. Psychological/emotional assessment.
One the most helpful information from a thoroughly interpreted HTMA is the underlying psychological attitudes for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit, brain fog, autism, dementia, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Hair mineral testing often shows why these conditions occur, and how to correct them at a deeper level.

9. Trauma.
Hair mineral testing can also reveal hidden traumas and biochemical depression.

10. Supplements 
Taking the right supplements needs to be based on your biochemical metabolic blueprint. Taking just one supplement can create a huge imbalance. If you just take zinc it can affect copper which will affect thyroid and adrenal activity. Most supplements are synthetic and create toxicity. Supplements ideally need to be food based which is less than 2% of supplements on the market. Hair testing shows you what you need to take based on your biochemistry.

11. Environment/chemicals/pesticides and pollution
In the 21st Century we are exposed to countless toxins, especially heavy metals like cadmium (cigarette smoke), lead (paint, hair dyes, cosmetics), aluminum (antiperspirants, cookware), mercury (amalgam fillings, vaccinations). Hair testing reveals these toxins so you know what to avoid or stop using altogether.

12. Inherited imbalances 
Yes we also inherit mineral patterns and heavy metals from our mothers. Linus Pauling 1954 Nobel Laureate Chemistry.
"Every disease is traced to a mineral deficiency in the body”.
--Linus Pauling 1954 Nobel Laureate Chemistry
Do you follow Dr. Wilson's protocols?
No, I don’t follow Dr Wilson’s nutritional balancing program per se. Instead, I combine HTMA with my own 10,000 hours in biochemistry along with formal training in balancing the whole central nervous system (CNS). In other words, I work with the whole person on a biochemical, nutritional, psychological/emotional levels simultaneously. After 14 years of clinical experience working with various groups of people with A – Z symptoms, this approach works in achieving deep healing and dissolving many symptoms. This is what I call Results. 
Let’s put this in perspective: people can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on blood tests, stool tests, genetic testing and expensive amino acid profiles and start micromanaging one thing at a time. Nothing happens in the body in isolation. There is no one, single mineral deficiency; it is not possible if you look at the mineral relationships chart. One mineral affects all minerals. For example, taking more iron supplement than we need will cause an imbalance of copper. Taking zinc supplements also lowers copper. That is why it’s best to rely on nutrient-dense foods and focus on improving our digestion/assimilation of minerals and vitamins from the food we eat.

You can have your HTMA analysed and interpreted by me personally
 + a Comprehensive, In Depth 60 Minute Consultation for just $US247
Who Is Teya Skae?
  • Masters Degree in Media Production (UTS)
  •  B.A. Linguistics (UNSW)
  •  Grad Dip in Clinical Nutrition
  •  Grad Dip Holistic & Behavioural Kinesiology 
  •  Advanced Buteyko Instructor
  •  Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Guaranteed Specialist
Teya taught “Fears, Phobias and Addictions” to students in Kinesiology at a government accredited college in Australia. Teya wrote the HEALTHWATCH column for Nova Magazine for more than 4 years and, in addition, has written over 40 articles that have been published worldwide.
Teya has 15 years clinical experience working with people suffering with multiple chronic symptoms and burnout. Teya gets to the root causes of symptoms fast and offers highly individualised biochemical testing to get results for people who have not improved with other health protocols - such as the paleo diet, keto, veganism, carnivore diet or other conventional therapies.

You Can Get Started in 2 Easy Steps:
STEP 1: Complete the order form and make your purchase. Your HTMA is analysed and interpreted by me personally + 60 Minute Consultation for just $US247

STEP 2: After your purchase, you’ll receive an email with ALL the instructions.

That’s it!
You can have your test done by the lab and work with me – no matter where you live in the world.
Getting your Biochemical Blueprint with HTMA is easy, incredibly accurate and effective.
• Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to finally know the answers to your suffering.
• Imagine the physical and emotional healing that can change your life forever.
• Imagine what you would do with your life when you no longer have to deal with the symptoms you have been dealing with for so long.
This is where it all begins.

P.S. Remember, you will also be receiving a PERSONALIZED 60-minute consultation with Teya, who will show you how to interpret your HTMA and what specific steps you should take.

No cookie cutter computer analysis!

This is exclusive to YOU from the expert herself. So you can quickly start enjoying the full benefits and begin living the life you were meant to live.

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